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14/04/2014 : Conférence Prof.SHIMIZU « Water Scarcity - Adaptation to the eutrophic water reservoirs »

La Maison Universitaire France-Japon, en collaboration avec The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), a le plaisir de vous convier à la conférence du :

Prof. Kazuya SHIMIZU
Toyo University, Japon

Sur le thème :
« Water Scarcity - Adaptation to the eutrophic water reservoirs »

Lundi 14 avril 2014 à 17h30
à la Maison Universitaire France-Japon
42a Avenue de la Foret Noire

Résumé :

The human activities contaminate water resources such as river and lake due largely to nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater leading to become the eutrophication. The eutrophic water reservoirs have much cyanobacterial bloom which produce toxic and odorous compounds during warm season. Around the eutrophic water reservoirs, the drinking water plant consume much cost, energy, chemical compounds, and so on. The biological water treatment is an answer to adapt the eutrophic water reservoirs for drinking water production spending low cost, low energy, and low technology. In this seminar, I will talk about the biological water treatment for removal of toxic and odorous compounds by microorganisms on the biofilm.

Conférence tout public, en anglais / Entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles

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