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  • INRA seeks researchers

    24 janvier 2013, par Caroline

    Ranked the number one agricultural institute in Europe and number two in the world, INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research - France) carries out mission-oriented research for high-quality and healthy foods, competitive and sustainable agriculture and a preserved and valorised environment. Every year, INRA seeks researchers from all disciplines to reinforce laboratory and fieldwork teams. Researchers will be heavily involved in scientific networks and tackle environmental, economic and social issues. They are expected to strive for excellence and come up with useful, concrete applications for the real world. Individual research projects will go hand in hand with group efforts in a bid to further knowledge and innovation, in order to produce sustainably, preserve the (...)

  • Application open for International Graduate program for Adanced Science (IGPAS ) -Tohoku University

    22 novembre 2012, par Caroline

    Application open for International Graduate program for Adanced Science (IGPAS ) Tohoku University The graduate program IGPAS was selected by the Ministry of Education (MEXT) of Japan for the third time as one of the “International Priority Graduate Programs (PGP) -Advanced Graduate Courses for International Students” and granted a privilege to offer 20 governmental (MEXT) scholarship positions/year for prospective students for the next MEXT Scholarship Benefits (as of 2012) Application fee, Admission fee & Tuition waivers Flight tickets to Japan Monthly stipend of 14600 or 147000 JPY (about 180 US$ or 140 €) IGPAS is the degree program in English for international students who wish to pursue Master of Science and/or Doctor of Science degrees in Mathematics, Physics, (...)

  • Application open for VULCANUS IN JAPAN

    5 novembre 2012, par Caroline

    VULCANUS IN JAPAN WHAT IS IT ? The programme consists of industrial placements for EU students. It starts in September and ends in August of the following year in order to accommodate the academic year in EU Member States. The whole programme takes place in Japan. The students follow : 1/ a seminar on “Japan” ; 2/ a 4-month intensive Japanese language course ; 3/ an 8-month traineeship in a Japanese company. VULCANUS IN JAPAN started in 1997. ARE YOU ELIGIBLE ? Applicants must be : 1/ EU nationals ; 2/ engineering or science students (°) ; 3/ at the time of application, applicants must be registered at an EU University on a postgraduate or an undergraduate course (at least at the 3rd year) . 4/ they must be able to take a year out. (°) Computer (...)

  • PEAK Program /University of Tokyo

    13 juillet 2012, par Caroline

    PEAK PROGRAM AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO Application Guidelines for 2013 October (http://peak.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/). Basic program information : *Program names : “Japan in East Asia” (East Asian Studies) “Environmental Sciences” Both are 4-year undergraduate programs commencing every October. Everything will be taught in English, because of which no Japanese is required beforehand. (However, Japanese is a mandatory subject after enrollment.) *Curriculum We follow liberal arts curriculum and students study broadly and in depth. “Japan in East Asia” is combination between social sciences and humanities while “Environmental Sciences” consists of science and social sciences to be able to sort out actual environmental issues happening somewhere in the world. (...)

  • Research Fellowships - Canon Foudation in Europe

    19 June 2012, by Caroline

    Annually, the Canon Foundation in Europe grants up to 15 Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers. European nationals should have permanent citizenship in the country. The candidates hold a doctorate or at least a Master’s degree. They are eligible during the ten-year period following the successful completion of their PhD or MA degree. Extensions to the ten-year rule are possible in principle in case of exceptional circumstances which should be explained in the application and supporting documents are required. The European Fellowship holders pursue a period of research in Japan whereas the Japanese Fellows do their research at host institutions in Europe. The Fellowships are awarded for periods of minimum three months and maximum one year. The Fellowships are (...)

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