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Call for applications Research Assistant, Project DILEM (MI CNRS ‐ PF NEEDS)

Call for applications
_Research Assistant, Project DILEM (MI CNRS ‐ PF NEEDS)

The NEEDS program within the Interdisciplinary Mission of the CNRS : NEEDS (Nuclear, energy, environment, waste, society) supports scientific projects which investigate nuclear energy in relation to the environment and society, particularly within the axis "Nuclear, risk, society". It has funded the research of the DILEM project since 2012.

_ The DILEM Project :
DILEM (displaced and undecided people left to themselves in post‐Fukushima Japan) is a multidisciplinary action‐research project (2012‐2015), which focuses on the population of the "grey zones" (nuclear contaminated or suspected areas, without official recognition) after the nuclear accident in Japan. The project also examines the issues of radioactivity standards, thresholds and measurements, which contribute to the definition of the official evacuation areas. Facing an invisible and changing contamination, citizens’ measurements have produced an alternative expertise, which are accompanied by the generalized use of radioprotection measures in everyday life. People living outside the officially evacuated areas have seen their life plans thwarted by the daily contamination risk. Some of them fled on their own initiative, and have definitely left their former homes ; some have chosen to stay, while others moved for a while, before coming back. Others still hope to leave, or on the contrary to return. These non‐linear paths, often deprived of any perspective remain unknown. Most of the time, these displaced citizens receive very little or no state support at all from the State. Using semi‐structured interviews, we follow the life itineraries of about sixty people, displaced, residents or returnees in the gray areas, with a longitudinal perspective. DILEM aims to understand the decision‐making process that pushes individuals and/or families to leave or return to their homes, or to remain in an environment considered as dangerous. Our project also aims to shed light on the situation of people, whose lives are suspended because of their difficulties to plan their future and whose status is in limbo without social recognition. DILEM is managed by the CNRS UMR 5600 EVS (Environment, City, Society) in Lyon.

Position advertised :
DILEM is seeking a research assistant to participate in the 2015 campaign’s field surveys.

The successful candidate will :
‐ Participate in the design of the follow‐up interview grid with the project team ;
‐ Conduct and record fifty semi‐structured interviews with the population related to the Fukushima disaster (including a small socio‐demographic questionnaire and the drawing of an interpretative contamination risk map with the interviewees) ; ‐ Make appointments and organize field schedules in Japan (from Hokkaido to Okayama, including Fukushima prefecture except official evacuation areas). If you are travelling from France, it will be in one or two field trips between July and November 2015 ;
‐ Write a summary sheet (1/2 pages) for each interview ; ‐ Provide the team with a digital archive containing summaries and audio recordings for all interviews ;
‐ Participate in the analysis of the interviews with the rest of the team. The successful candidate will be responsible for his or her research work in Japan and will work in close cooperation and under the supervision of the project directors, Marie Augendre, and Kurumi Sugita. The schedule of the fieldwork is flexible. Depending on the organization of meetings with respondents, it may take the form of one or two trips to Japan between July and November 2015. The mission will be completed by January 2016 at the latest.
_ Requirements
The successful candidate must :
‐ Have at least a Master’s degree in the social sciences (sociology, anthropology, political science, geography) ;
‐ Have fieldwork experience, especially in semi‐structured interviews ;
‐ Be fluent in Japanese, and English or French, both written and spoken ;
‐ Have a good knowledge of Japanese society and culture ;
‐ Be able to work in a team while being independent and autonomous ;
‐ Be available to travel throughout Japan and participate in research meetings in Lyon.
Location and type of contract
The contract will be based in Lyon (UMR 5600 CNRS Environment, City, Society, led by Jean‐Yves Toussaint). The mission will begin as soon as possible and no later than August 1, 2015.
The compensation will be determined according to the qualifications, experience and salary scales of the CNRS, or negotiated and paid from invoicing.

_ How to Apply :
Interested candidates should send a CV and a cover letter no later than 30 June to Marie Augendre (marie.augendre@univ‐, with a copy to Kurumi Sugita (
All messages will receive a full response, and shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview in Lyon during the first half of July.

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